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 Julie Turner Ceramics  
Artist's Statement
In a fast moving, disposable society where paper and polystyrene are common place the ceremony of tea and coffee drinking and the ceremonies surrounding food are increasingly lost. I seek to preserve and revive our interest in the ceremonial aspects of drinking; my work is designed to hold small amounts of very rich, expensive tea and coffee. They are deliberately delicate to force the user to slow their actions and savour the experience of drinking.
My recent work incorporating bowls, plates and larger cups encourages the user to bring this sense of ceremony into their day to day lives.

I passionately believe that each piece of every set should be hand made and hand finished, as a result I use very few moulds, instead preferring to throw every cup, saucer and pot, handles are pulled whenever possible, the finest are extruded.
The patterned trays are the only aspects of the work which are moulded. Each one is then finished by carving the settings of each piece into the pattern by hand.
I use Audrey Blackman Porcelain. Once bisque fired the pieces are dipped in a clear glaze and fired to 1280. At this temperature the glaze and clay body begin to melt into each other, which is what gives the work its strength.
BA Hons Ceramics, 2001, University of the West of England, Bristol.
PGCE in Secondary Art Education, 2004, Bath Spa University, Bath.
My work in Art Education
I have been a passionate educator since 2004.
I work extensively with primary schools running ceramics projects as a visiting artist since 2004. I also teach KS3 Three Dimensional Art, GCSE Ceramics and A level Product Design and Fine Art Sculpture. In the last 5 years I have regularly had students achieving within the top ten in their fields nationally and this year was nominated for a National Teaching Award.
Made in Monmouthshire
My work has been exhibited in the following Galleries and Exhibitions
Art in Clay, Hatfield House- August 2001
Made, Clifton, Bristol- 2002
The Gallery Upstairs, Henley in Arden- Christmas Exhibition, November 2002
Contemporary Ceramics Fair, Tredegar House, Newport- July 2003
Contemporary Ceramics Fair, Tredegar House, Newport- July 2004
Made in Monmouthshire, Hilston Park, Monmouth- May 2010
The Bridge Gallery, Monmouth- May to July 2010
The Art of the Picnic, The Kymin, Monmouth, July 2010

Julie Turner Ceramics
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